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Types kW/HP Displacement at 50 Hz (1450 rpm) m³/h Former types
HGX22e/85-4 S CO2 4.0 / 5.4 7.5 HGX22e/85-4 S CO2 (up to DK 056)
HGX22e/105-4 S CO2 4.0 / 5.4 9.2 HGX22P/110-4 CO2
HGX22e/105-4 S CO2 (up to DK 056)
HGX22e/130-4 S CO2 4.0 / 5.4 11.2 HGX22P/125-4 CO2
HGX22e/130-4 S CO2 (up to DK 056)
HG CO2 compressors (subcritical)

Based on our current semi-hermetic product range, with its outstanding advantages and features, as well as the derived and long-used basic range, there is now a perfectly matched compressor series available for use with CO2 in sub-critical cascade systems.
They are particularly suited to supermarket applications and industrial cooling systems.

Special features
As GEA compressors are extremely high quality and robust, the coordination with CO2 is limited primarily to the motor design together with the individual mechanism adjustments as well as small modifications in the valve and seal areas.

This permits the greatest possible level of operational safety through the extensive use of tried-and-trusted standard parts. In addition, there are the best possible conditions for economic spare part storage.